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Javier is fighting to bring opportunity to all working families in Illinois. 

In the beginning…

Javier was born in the Southside of Chicago to a hard-working single mother. His mother immigrated from Mexico in the late 1970s and was later engaged to Javier’s father. In 1981, tragedy struck his family, and Javier’s father died due to gun violence. Through tragedy, Javier’s mother was determined to give her son every opportunity to succeed. In 1988 his mother became an American Citizen and earned her GED; she worked as a cosmetologist for over 30 years and is currently a custodial worker for Chicago Public Schools. His mother's work ethic and determination are embedded in Javier and have molded him to be the man he is today. 

Javier attended Chicago’s Public Schools and later studied Visual

Communications at IADT and Labor Studies at UIC School of Labor in


The Start of a Journey…

Javier learned about sacrifice and hard work at a very early age as he and his mother struggled to make ends meet. Javier received his first opportunity to serve when he was offered a position at Service Employees International Union in October of 2006 while awaiting the birth of his daughter. Javier’s passion and dedication to fighting for working families was a natural progression to his career path at the Service Employees International Union, where he dedicated 12 years of his career. Javier ascended upwardly through the ranks, working in the union’s call center and then in its representational department, to finally becoming a coordinator for the nursing home division. Javier successfully led several contract campaigns that resulted in substantial wage increases, affordable health insurance, and retirement benefits.

Javier also hosts a community podcast where he allows small businesses and community stakeholders to discuss issues that affect them the most. 

Javier is engaged to his fiancée Dolores, son to Victoria, proud father of his daughter Madison and his stepson Lawrence.

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